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* a Tribute to Columbia Space Pioneers

* Vladimir VANKE (13/11/2000)

SPS-2000 Demonstrator at UNISPACE-III



08/02/2003 - a Tribute to Columbia Space Pionneers - Guy PIGNOLET

The community of honors the seven astronauts of mission STS-107.

They were among the pioneers who through their vision, their courage, and sometimes their sacrifice, open the path for the conquest of the Solar System - hopefully a peaceful conquest - to give Mankind the wealth of benefits envisioned by Konstantin Tsiolkovski, including and first of all Space Solar Power.

For the dream to become reality, we may have to go beyond the aeronautical concepts that started us in space, and say farewell to "wings" that may not be the best thing for spaceflight, as the recent sad event reminded us. In 1993, an essay had been published under my name (but in reality it was the work of a whole team), in Air & Space Smithsonian magazine. I am republishing it here, as a contribution to the evaluations that will problably soon take place after the tragic accident of Space Shuttle Columbia :

Click here to read the essay " Beyond Aeronautics... "


13/11/2000 - Vladimir VANKE

Some of our publications relating completely or partly to the problems of WPT and SPS are also available via Internet:

At Kyoto University a new CWC having decreased magnetic field has been proposed and will be published a bit later.


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